Monday, May 14, 2012


Our family doctor is a bit hung up on Henry not being much of a talker.  I'm really not concerned, at all, but I'll humor her.  So for the next 3 months, until our next check up, I've decided to focus on getting Henry to clearly say 5 words and they are as follows

1.  Cat

2.  Dog

3.  Cup

4.  Mama

5.  Micropachycephalosaurus.

*Thanks for all the sweet words this weekend, I'm glad everyone liked my Mother's Day post and we're totally on the mend here - though it's a lie that adults can't get full-blown HFM (those blisters are annoying!).*

*Micropachycephalosaurus means small thick headed lizard - do you think my pediatrician will get the point?*


  1. hahaha! that would be so awesome. :)

    my kiddo's doc was worried about his speech, too (he wasn't talking at all at 15 mos), even after i told her it was hereditary on both sides of the family. we did put him in speech therapy at 17 mos, but i don't think it really did much good (not much harm, either). he started talking when he was 2 and a half, in full sentences...and hasn't stopped since! :)

  2. That's what I expect - he's spot on if not ahead in every other area of development. He "reads" to himself, tells jokes, sings songs - all in baby babble. He's emotive and can pretend. Not really worried.

    When I was kid my mother was trying to get me say train with out turning the r to a w. I got so frustrated I turned to her, after saying "twain" about 10 times, and declared "Locomotive". I also had a 3 word vocabularly (and an extensive made up sign language) until I was more than 2. =)

  3. Heehee! Oh I love your sense of humor. I kind of just let the doctors ramble on through their little "talks", nodding and smiling, and then keep on going about my own little business. YOU are his mama, not the doctor. If it doesn't bother you, it doesn't matter! :)

  4. Do you have HFM?? So do my kids!!! I perhaps had/have it too, but super mild. Jimmy looks like a leper. Is it spreading like wildfire around the country!? It seems like it is really hard to keep from spreading because you don't even know they have it until it is too late and people have already been exposed. I could go on for awhile. On another note, I will also be teaching my kids Micropachycephalosaurus. Jimmy is in his "huge into dinosaur phase" and can name dozens. That would be a new one though. I am sure Gus will get it after a couple tries to... since he is a genius.

  5. @ Mary, yep Henry brought home HFM and gave it to me! Micropachycephalosaurus is supposed to be the longest dinosaur name so more power to Jimmy! I can't wait for the dinosaur phase!


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