Monday, May 28, 2012


Sorry for the delay - we've been out enjoying the weather and the holiday weekend.  We traveled to to two sets of relatives and home over 3 days, and of course I forgot my camera so I'm patiently waiting for some downloads to reach me so I can share some of the fun!

Summer is about to kick off in full swing around here. 

Music and movies in the parks and downtown have already started and we've got some penciled in that we're hoping to enjoy.

The pools open in a few days and Henry and I are signed up for a months worth of swimming lessons.

Our 16 week CSA starts in a few weeks and hopefully a few things in the garden will be on it's way as well (Note to self plant fewer things that won't be ready until August/September).

The annual Mennonite Relief Sale is this weekend - walking tacos and strawberry pie are on the horizon - which, besides the food, means I'll be spending a couple hours gazing longingly at quilts I'll never afford or be skilled enough to make.  le sigh.

Right now I'm so thankful to live in an area that offers so much free/affordable entertainment in the warm months.  Within the next couple months we've got the Relief Sale, Arts Festival, Jazz Fest, the County Fair, Sand in the City, A Quilt Fest, Book Festival, Taste of Iowa City and that's not mentioning the weekly outdoor music and regular outdoor movie events, markets and farmers markets.  And that's just in Iowa City, there are more activities all summer long in neighboring Coralville, Kalona, the Amanas, Mount Pleasant, etc. (And let's not forget our "grand state fair".)

Who says there's nothing to do in the mid-west?  I think I just need dub this the summer "Awesome-Fest".


  1. Wow! That sounds awesome! I need to investigate my local area and see how it compares!

  2. So fun! I feel like a lot of the events here are still a bit too late in the evenings for our 7:00 bedtime, but I can't wait to do them when she's bigger!


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