Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Magic Door

There's a large tree in our back yard.  It twists and turns in fantastic ways.  As much as I want more sunlight for veggies in the yard, this tree has me captivated.  I look at it quite a lot from my kitchen and just yesterday I looked out at it and I swear there is something there that I've never seen before - a knot, dead center of the tree that looks like a doorknob and it beckons the "Lucy the Valiant" in me to reach out and see if it just might turn. 

Perhaps we could see Mr. Tumnus or have tea with a delightful chap in an over-sized hat or fly away to mermaid coves and Indian teepees or perhaps on day a little sign will appear "Here, there be dragons."

Oh, the wonderful possibilities of a door in a tree.

It's wonderful to have a little reminder of just how wonderfully magical the world can be.

1 comment:

  1. Well, now if we don't hear from you in while...we know where you've gone... he he he.

    I sometimes think the same way!
    Oh, that I had wings like a dove, I'd fly away and rest...Psalm 55:6

    have a great day-Pat


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