Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Henry and I were proud to participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change - a Guinness Records Challenge - this weekend.  We gathered with 28 pairs of cloth diapering moms and one cloth diapering dad this weekend to set a new record and raise awareness for CD.  After Henry figured out it wasn't daycare (it took awhile for him to leave my lap) he was just happy to strut his stuff once he became pants-less.

It was great fun - there were even goodie bags (the best was the small wet bag it came in!) and door prizes (I won the very last one, which was 10 flannel wipes!) and it was great to feel like I wasn't in the minority.  Though I will admit, and maybe I'm too much of a snob, but it kind of reminded me why I don't do a lot of (read "any") mommy groups - when I walked in there were a couple of moms trying to one up each other on their Easter celebration - "We kept the toys to minimum" was interrupted with "Well my kids don't even know what an Easter basket is" ... sigh...

A few hours later the store had a bi-yearly consignment sale.  I left with exactly what I was looking for.  A large wet bag and a GroVia shell and two liners to try out over night (I hear they work well).  I'm so glad there's a store like this in my area, but I wish it wasn't 30 minutes away.  I know my town would welcome a real, down to earth "birth and baby" store that supports things like cloth diapers, breastfeeding and baby wearing (both retail and education!).

And just to share - my little guy snoozing from the ride to the store that the GCDC took place in.


  1. Good for you for doing cloth diapers! We did cloth for ours when they were little except for overnights or traveling. We never found anything that worked well overnight. I hope you have better luck.
    Oh, and Henry is absolutely adorable! My middle child (a boy) would forever take off his pants and run around in only a shirt and diaper. I think most of the photos we have of him from 2-4 are pants-less!

    1. Thanks Judy - luckily Hank doesn't know how to take his pants off yet, but that day is fast approaching! I'm really enjoying doing CD (even though we don't do it at daycare) and I love knowing that I have diapers that can be used again by me, friends or someone in need in the future - talk about creating a sense of community!

  2. Yay! cloth diapers! great going. I didn't do the 'mommy groups' either; for the same reason!

    Your little guy looks tuckered out. Glad it was fun and educational. Made for a good time out together. If nothing else-- to help you see "No. you are not alone." and also--"No. You're not like those mommies either." Ha!

    have a great week. ~Pat


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