Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Good Day

We went outside after lunch and didn't come in until dinner.

Kids should get messy.

So much dirt.

My helper.  
Still plugging away at those Hermione socks and my helper only pulled out the needles once!
We've been eating up this strange warm April weather here.  I hope it sticks around.


  1. My little one is much more content outside, and I find I can get more done on my crochet as he is so occupied...I agree getting dirty is the best part of childhood!! I love your big rug/quilt :)

    1. Agreed! And I wish I could take credit for the quilt (it's a Cali-King Size btw), but my grandmother won it in a raffle and we lucked out as the only ones with a Cali King bed that she knew! It's fantastic though and is great for outdoors - lounging room to spare.

      Sometimes I think dirt and fresh air are some of the quintessential ingredients for a happy kid!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I love days where you go outside and lose all track of time...nothing better than that. Your little helper certainly looks like he enjoyed it too!

  3. If only we lived near each other and could spend afternoons like this together! Says the mama and toddler who just returned from the yard, quilt in hand, to start supper :)

  4. Beyond the fantastically messy kiddo.... look at your green yard! Your Hostas! Everything alive and growing again! :)


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