Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ups & Downs

Just a little check in, to keep things real before I head out for the weekend - it's my weekend off so there's lots to do!

  • Up - Henry figured out how to use utensils and is walking more than crawling.
  • Down - I'm certain the above means he'll be going off to college and getting married any day... I try not to cry about this more than once a week.  (You probably think I'm kidding)
  • Up - I turned 29 22 on Wednesday and the world didn't explode.  In fact, I'm enjoying being 29 22 quite a bit.  I think motherhood has really made me a better person all around and really help me to ground who I am and start ignore the person I want or think I should be.
  • Up - We tried out a new local restaurant (non chain restaurants are a rarity here!), it was delicious.  I had a cajun/blue cheese burger.  I want to go back soon.
  • Up - I got my new set of stainless steel cookware last night!  It's so bright and shiny.  No more pretending that I had peppered food in the hopes that the cookware would stop flaking teflon into our food!
  • Up - Thankful for NPR First Listen - they had the new Andrew Bird album and the full recording of the new "Once" musical for free listen this week.  I was in heaven.  *Once, as in the movie about the singers, not Once the Disney TV show*
  • Down - I'm exhausted.  =(
  • Up - I've won one of my Ebay auctions so far and should have 4 used Bumgenius 3.0 diapers and 11 liners on their way to me.  Hopefully I'll win at least one or two more of the AIO and then our cloth diaper collection should be pretty complete!
  • Up - Realizing that I'm much more suited for the "adult" model of friendship than I was for the "kid", "teenager" or "early twenties" version.  I love have a few truly close friends - the ones I know a lot about and talk to a lot, but I love that now I'm able to count people as friends even if we don't know everything about each other or even talk more than once or twice a year.  I'm thrilled whenever I get a message from someone whom I haven't spoken to for a year or so letting me know that they were reliving a memory from when we were more active in each others lives and how much they're enjoying (and supportive) of my little family.  It truly warms my heart to know that I have so many wonderful people in my life without having to worry about the constant up keep and battles that used to come with trying to be everything to everyone - for a true introvert like me it was exhausting and I'd usually just mess it up out of exhaustion and frustration and become terribly anti-social for a long time!  Yay for growing a little wiser.
What are you're ups and downs for the week?  Did you have that adventure?


  1. When we were first married we had pretty nasty cookware. Old stuff from Goodwill. I had never peppered my food so much as I did in those first few years. All the pepper was to convince myself that I was actually eating pepper and not the flakey coating from the pan. I shudder to even think about how much of that terrible lining I probably ate!

    Congratulations on the new cookware! It is very exciting indeed!

    Yay for walking, turning 29 (it will be my golden birthday in June), non-chain restaurants, and cloth diapers too.

  2. Happy Birthday~ I loved being 22...again!

    Yay for Henry walking. and NO. I DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE KIDDING!
    Here are a few of my own Ups and Downs

    UP-- got parts of the garden planted.
    DOWN-- there is no room for Corn! (without tilling up another area of our 4 acres--long story)
    UP--glad to have a supplemental computer to snoop around the internet
    UP-- Grown Son is taking care of Momma's computer.

    I'll end on an UP...there is just too much to mention. Now after looking back...most are trivial.
    Have a great weekend Molly!


  3. As long as the UPs outweight the DOWNs, right?

    We had a Bumgenius that we used for night-time diapering, and loooooved it. In fact, the first night we used it was the first time she slept through the night! Great purchase, you won't regret it!

    1. We actually just got some bumgenius 3.0 (the pocket kind) from our ebay auction, along with the liners and newborn/doublers. I think I'm going to give them a try over night! I love that we decided to do this - even though B. still has yet to actually try them - it just feels like the right thing to do!


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