Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time & Stitching


I've been wanting to make a large dent in my crafting stash this year.  I have a lot of things acquired right before the crazy home buying time, back when I thought I'd be spending the winter season at my parents house nestled snuggling inside with baby and family while watching the snow fall in big clumpy flakes.  Instead we moved into our home three weeks before Christmas and winter has been anything but "wintry" this year.

Of course, the first thing I dive into has to be a rather long craft.  

A cross stitch that was half completed before Henry arrived and put away for months due to my nervousness at scissors and needles around babies.

So instead of putting it away for the next ten years I decided to try it out.  So with the help of a sewing box that closes, I've managed to really make some progress over the last couple weeks - stitch by stitch and row by row during nap times or while catching up on a new episode of "Once" or "Dr. Who" with the family.  

The best part is that Henry finds it rather fascinating when he's not playing with his toys in front of me.  He likes to pull himself up, sit next to me and take it from me - touching the patterns and holding it up to his face seeing what he can see and playing a quick game of "where's Henry?" while he's at it.

While my crafts are definitely "my thing" a part of me chooses to do it, with children in the house, in the hopes that they will develop an interest, or if nothing else a respect for things made by hand.  For the delayed gratification that comes with working constantly on something that might be around for years to come.


  1. I agree...I have always had projects out and about in the house, and while you risk having a needle pulled out of your knitting (!) or a small one walking away with that last piece of the pattern, I think they do develop an appreciation for handmade things. Now that mine are older, they ask specifically for certain things (socks, slippers and hats mostly) and I know that the finished item means a lot to them.

    1. I can't wait until he's old enough to make requests!

  2. I couldn't agree more. My children have seen me making something all their life. My oldest did not turn out to be crafty like me but she is taking her engagement pictures soon and came home a few days ago to ask me if I could make her a sweet pinafore for the picture... my baby thinks everything everyone has and uses is made by a momma : ) Hope to see the finished project some day. Great post by the way. Thanks for joining me again, love to see what you are up to.

  3. I think it is fine that you have a piece to work on while sitting watching TV or Henry playing. Then there are other times that you may want to work on another project. This is your handy 'go to' project when nothing else comes to mind.
    I especially like that you can have Henry in your lap while attempting to do this---like you said, giving him an appreciation for it. I remember sitting in my Granny's lap while she sat at her machine stitching me a little dress. Or holding her hands as she would sew on a button.
    After all these years, I can still see my Granny's hands. I can remember all the details.

    I've got a stack of crafts that I want to do. Am thinking of starting out with something small that can be made quickly ---I'm wanting to start an Etsy store. But wouldn't you know it...I too have picked up the largest project I could find and have been working on it instead!
    so that is what I did. I made it my 'go to' project. For times when I can be busy with my hands-- and not have to put much thought into it!

    have fun!

    1. I definitely want to get this done soon so I can move one - and get it framed in time for the holidays! There's some wool yarn that needs to be made into sweaters before it goes bad, in fact I think I'm so well supplied right now it would be a shame to bring in more materials!


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