Sunday, March 25, 2012

{simple pleasures}

This weekend was filled with the good stuff that life is made of; the double stuffed Oreo filling of life.

Simple, quality time with those I love and beautiful weather to top it all off.

Somethings were accomplished, somethings were not and a few plans were made and a few just simply tossed aside.

These are the good days that I aspire to.  

The days of simple achievement, nurturing and creation.  


  1. Oh, green grass, leaves on the trees, sunshine... looks like a fabulous day!

  2. Such an adorable little guy! So true: the double-stuffed Oreo filling of life is in the simple pleasures. :)

  3. it all sounds wonderful...especially the plans tossed aside!
    Sometimes it's necessary.
    Henry looks like he is having fun~


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