Monday, March 5, 2012

Right Now ...

... I am

::enjoying::  a little quite time in the early morning.  Since motherhood has made 7 a.m. "sleeping in" and 8 a.m. downright lazy, I've been finding ways to enjoy the early morning that I used to shun.

::watching:: the sun peak out and start to melt a little of yesterdays snow

::hearing:: the laundry turning downstairs and one lone little bird outside.

::looking at:: the kitchen that didn't get completely cleaned up last night.  Oh well, dried carrots are easier to remove from the high chair, right?

::planning:: today's outings.  A restock of the cupboards, a stop at employee health (darn yearly tests for work) and maybe a little jaunt to the library.

::waiting:: to see if I win any of my bids on ebay for my cloth diapers.

::wishing:: that today wasn't my only day off until the weekend.

::remembering:: that I turn 29 22 on Wednesday and trying to stuff that ticking biological clock under the pillow.

::wishing:: you a great start to your week, I hope it's full of adventures.  Bring me back something pretty won't you?


  1. Happy birthday, Molly! Are we all still 22? :)

    1. Yep, we can all be 22 ... though I don't really want to act 22, I'd like to act 29 but not be 29.

  2. We have NO snow here at all! :) Ok, you're 22 too!! Wow!! ;) Good luck on the cloth diapers!!


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