Thursday, March 15, 2012

If you have a moment...

Please stop and say a prayer for the continued good recovery of this "little" family, their medical staff and family.  That they may be able to give and receive the care they need to bring little "Bella" into this world in a few months.  Andrew and Christina made powerful decisions (though they'd probably claim that there were no two ways about it) and are being made into beautiful models of the sacrifice that all parents are called to give for their children.


  1. Oh wow~
    I went and read some of the posts about their baby Maria.
    This reminds me of our own little Easton-- currently known as Waldo on my blog in today's photos.
    At 17 weeks my daughter was told that her baby had Gastroschisis and would be born with his bowel outside of his body and depending on the severity he may or may not live. It was terrifying... I will definitely be praying for them.

    1. Thank you C! They've already done amazing things, and I just feel like their bound to do more with a little help!


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