Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good to My Word

Okay it's not next to my bed, but it's at the top of the stairs where it fit perfectly with the three frames that were already hanging - including our wedding photos, some shots from our adventures in Oregon and one of my prints from LittleThingsStudio (sorry Katie, you deserve a better picture of your great work).  I also have THIS hanging in my sons bedroom and THIS in my kitchen.

Love her work, though I think "Lion Being Chased by Blue Koala Riding Puff the Magic Dragon" might give her a run for her money one day!

I've received nothing for this post, I found Katie's work on my own and purchased it as a late Christmas present to myself as a new homeowner and am more than happy to give a free shout out to a deserving artist.  Due my own mistake with not knowing my new address as well as I should I can say that she is incredibly dedicated to making sure a quality product gets into your hands and won't rest until it does!  She's good to her word, too!

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