Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starting Off On the Right Foot

The last 36 hours have been a doozy.  I went into work on Tuesday morning to get a call at 10 a.m. that my son had a temperature of 102.2  Needless to say I raced home and got him tot he doctor.  Now some folks might think I was over reacting, but this kiddo in his first year has never had a high temperature like that so it's not normal even the couple of days he has been a little under the weather.

Turns out we've got our first ear infection, the high temperature AND he's cutting his two front teeth (one just cut through a little Monday night and the other is almost there).  So we've been playing lots of games of "Ears, Temperature or Teeth" while trying to match up the relief when we think we've got it right.

Now I could get on here and complain - woe is me sort of stuff.  I'm tired, I hurt (because that time of the month had to correspond to today and Endometreosis never makes that fun), my house can't stay as clean as I , I gave up soda for Lent (starting today of course) and I'm dying for the weather to warm up.

But I'm not going there

I choose to look on the bright side.  We have a home and on the grand scale of childhood illness an ear infections (properly managed) is almost insignificant.  I don't know how you folks who've weather major childhood illness do it, you are my heroes.  Truly.

Motherhood often gets it's worst rap at times like these.  We focus on the things that we can't do or the problems that arise and so often make a mountain out of a molehill.  These are the times when some folks I know go to Facebook and start posting "woe is me" sort of updates and offering to sell their children to the highest bidder.

I'm not on to sugarcoat motherhood either, but I can choose refocus my image during times like these.  I can take pride and joy in the fact that I have the means to help my child; that he comes to me (and daddy) to be comforted, that he looks to us to make it better because he trusts us to provide for him and to me that speaks to the successes of our first year of parenthood.

These week is going to be long.  Tempers are going to flare and things just won't get done.  But eventually it will be over and I'll know that it is over because we did what was necessary and needed with love and as much patience as we could manage.  Not too bad for a days work.


  1. Oh, poor guy! He is feeling worse than anyone else right now. Lots of rest for both of you if you can. Your house being clean does not matter, just snuggle him and get him through it. And I don't see how rushing home to a 102+ temp is over reacting - that's a pretty significant temperature! You're doing good mama, and your attitude is great!

    1. Thanks Meg. We took him back to the doctor today and turns out on top of cutting teeth and the ear infection he also picked up some viral illness that's been making the rounds among the kids in the area. Luckily the two top front teeth are almost completely through (looks like we're getting incisors very soon too)and the ear infection is healing nicely and hasn't spread, but my poor little guy has just had about enough of it. Cross your fingers, but it looks like his fever might have finally broken tonight!


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