Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where did the week go?

Um... well... this is awkward.  I have no idea where my week went.

So for a quick "I'm still here" kind of deal a few quick updates -

What I'm :
  • Reading : A Discovery of Witches, for the second time; it's like Twilight if it had been written about mature adults and, you know, written well.  She kind of throws everything and the kitchen sink in and it's down right cheesy in many parts but I love the whole evolution/science/magic element she's added to the genre and I found the fact that she has mature adults (who are eventually "married" in the book) abstaining from marital relations, for reasons I'll let you discover, and not immediately jumping each other is refreshing. Plus, the first half of the book takes place in a library - be still my heart.  And have been really enjoying some of Jennifer Fulwiller's articles (here and here) over at the NC Register - sometimes Mrs. F is a bit much for me, but sometimes she writes some great, straight forward posts about motherhood and faith and forgets about trying to convinces people that she's knows so much about being Big C.
  • Listening to:  After my Ipod had a run in with my sons leaking sippy cup I've been sans portable music for a while.  However, I dug out an older, smaller non-Apple mp3 player I had been given a few years ago and after ordering a new usb chord am back in business.  I was particularly pleased to see that I could transfer my Itunes music and Podcasts so I've been reveling in some of my old and new favorites - Django Reinhardt, Andrew Bird, Gaelic Storm, Crooked Still, Born Ruffians, Flogging Molly, The Morning Benders, Gillian Welch  (Eclectic enough for you?)
  • Planning:  Birthdays, Baptisms, Meals, Budgets, Vacations - just about anything you can think of.
  • Taking Time to:  Rediscover my hobbies and enjoy my little one's last few precious days of baby - ness - it's breaking my heart while it swells in size.
  • Hoping: To remember to buy batteries tomorrow so I can have pictures on this darn thing again.
  • Proud of:  I correctly used the terms, voltaic and flabellum, in a conversation.  The same conversation, in fact it was in the same sentence.  And people say you'll never use that GRE vocab!

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