Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ups & Downs

Since there are still a few more days left in the Frugal Challenge I thought I repeat last weeks "Ups & Downs" -
  • Up - Received last utility bill to double check budget and things are still looking up.
  • Down - We've been pretty lax about the budget over this first month and a half; not enough to get us in any sort of predicament or extra debt just not as good as I know we can.  We've had holidays and all the little things that come with setting up a new home, some budget redecorating, a growth support and a little wardrobe restock that needs to be done.  I'm hoping my March we'll be back on track with our miserly ways.
  • Downs - Had to do a little wardrobe restock for the hubs - he doesn't have a lot of luck at the consignment shop - as he puts it "Guys like me, who are my size wear stuff until it falls apart" and it's seems to be pretty true seeing as most of what we find that could fit him easily fits into the "my girlfriend/mother/great aunt bought me this and now I'm getting rid of it".  This all means that we usually have buy from directly from the store which equals $$.
  • Up - I also needed a little wardrobe restock, but have tons of luck at the consignment store because my size falls into the category of "Ooh this is on sale and if I don't breath or ignore that numb feeling in my toes it'll fit" so I luck out a lot.  
  • Really Up - The boy also seemed to have a growth spurt last week and need a few things to tide him over until the whether warms up (and in Iowa that could be until May), but luckily his expenses were covered by store credit once again.  Cheap clothing is good, free clothing is better.
  • Up - Due to slightly wacky schedules and family dinners with relatives we still had quite a few "meals" leftover and unprepared from last weeks grocery trip so this weeks trip was filled up wit a few restock necessities and some non-groceries items.
  • Up - Husband is on board to help us decrease the fresh food waste in the house.  We both dislike not having lots of fresh veg and fruit in the house, but we want to stick to what we know will be eaten and if this means the ice box is a little more bare then so be it.  Hopefully by this time next year a lot of our frozen produce will be fruit and veg I bought and froze during the summer and fall - improving the quality and decreasing our waste a little more.
  • Down - I'm still relearning how to cook for less than 6 people and we're still wasting a lot of veggie side dishes at the end of the week.
  • Up - Seeing that I had some cabbage I was bound to forget about this week and throw away by next Saturday I made a large batch of cabbage and noodles to serve as a side dish and lunch for the week - used up a whole cabbage, onion and 2 boxes of noodles that have been sitting in the pantry.
  • Up - Also made a fresh batch of Granola - still getting the cooking temp and time down for my own kitchen and remembered to let it cool completely this time.  Hubs declared it delicious!

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