Monday, January 30, 2012

A Tour

I finally remembered batteries for my camera and decided to show off the main level for you guys.  As I've said before I have no desire to show you some warped version of what my house (or life) really looks like, so I took this in the middle of the afternoon - Henry had been playing in the living room for a while and there were still dishes in the sink and way too much stuff on the kitchen table.  (There's no talking, but you can hear Henry babble if you want to.)


 Since the point of this blog is show ways of "Making Do" I thought I'd highlight a few things to help emphasize that you don't need to go out and spend tons of money to have a nice home.*
*Going out on a limb here hoping that at least one person thinks that my home is "nice" and doesn't look horrible and patched together

 Mantle "Stuff"
all free from the consignment store
Picture - 
The only decent thing I painted in my college Painting class that my mother framed years ago and then gifted us when we bought the house.
90 % Second Hand, 5% Home/Hand Made, 5% Gift
Homemade Baby Gift from Relative
Souvenir from Concert, Pants Hangers from Goodwill
 Items in Top Middle Frame - 
WWII Allied Currency from Italy, brought home by my Grandfather
Other Frames - 
Souvenir Postcards from "Honeymoon" to Portland
Books - 
Classics (many gifts from our childhood or from relatives), Photo Albums and Family Bibles
Flowers -
Wooden Roses (an anniversary gift) in vase from Goodwill
Cross Artwork - 
Bought from an actual store ... on super clearance
Hammer and Nail Tins - 
Been sitting on the counter for two weeks

Book Shelf - 
Orange Lamp - 
Hand Me Down
Plant - 
Hand Me Down - The Hospice Gift given to my husbands family when his Grandfather passed, given to us when we moved into the house.
Children's Chair -
Christmas Present from Family - Thrifted
Lazy Boy Chair (you can see the top of it) - 
Hand Me Down
Flower Pictures
Store bought, Buy One Get One for a Dollar Sale + 30% off coupon
Girl in a Green Hat Picture -
Consignment Score purchased on a 50% off Store Wide Sale
Ottoman -
Hand Me Down and in the bags some thrifted clothing waiting to be washed
Hutch -
Hand Me Down

Really, save for books and a few odds and ends, there is little in this room that wasn't owned by someone else before us - whether we purchased it or it was given to us.  
And lets be honest, my home will never be shown on any fancy "design" blogs and absolutely nothing matches or even comes close, but I'm still house proud - We have a comfortable, cozy little place to call our own and we've done so without spiraling into debt or consuming extravagantly.

I share this little view into our world not to brag or make anyone feel bad (there's too much of that in the blogging world already, both intentional and unintentional), but rather to show you what can be achieved with a little patience and little of the old "Make Do" Spirit.  I hope you've enjoyed it!

Girl in a Green Hat Story - 
This is actually a picture of yours truly, when I was in 5th Grade.  My Grandmothers children's Library was putting on a "Fashion Show" with vintage clothing and I got to be in it.  I didn't get to wear what I wanted and was in a bit of a bad mood.
Unknown to us there was an artist in the room doing sketches.
About a year later my Grandmother attend a gallery showing of a local artist and there glaring staring at her was her granddaughter.  I don't know why see chose to make a picture of me, but there it was.
My grandparents arranged to purchase the picture - the original - for me and I "officially" took possession of it when we moved into this home.
It's a great little piece of family history, except that when I look at it all I can think of is a grouchy little 5th grader.


  1. Looks like home!
    You have a very cute HOME! I personally like to do things on the cheap if I can--decorating wise. I, like you- make do.
    I think it looks comfortable and loved. My favorite thing is that you've gotten this far DEBT FREE! That should speak for something, I say.
    I can't help it, I must point out my favorite things that you have--
    1.) The hand me down orange lamp. Love that style-- heck I just love old lamps.
    2.) Original Art works- first the gift from your grandmother --your portrait (c.5th grade)and your own painting from your mom over the mantle. I have originals all around my home that were either painted by one of my daughters or by my husbands late grandmother.
    3.) Books-- the sign of 'great minds'
    4.) Pant hangers... ok, this is trendy, I see them all over blogs-- but I LOVE THEM...AND if I find some for cheap--and I can splurge at the time... I'm getting them! So cute.
    5.) lastly, ...the hammer, the thrift store bags w/clothes, the dishes in the sink, and the kitchen table piled up. Yes! my favorite thing is that you're so house proud-- you don't mind being real. Because that is how we live,right?
    I love that you love your home-- from the pictures it doesn't look dirty; but lived in.

    Very cute. Adorable home.
    Oh, yes... and I like the sound of your home too. Your *little's* voice in the background...sweet!


    1. Thanks Pat! We do try to draw the line at dirty ;), and a lot of what was piled up was the result of my "busy" week at work, but I don't feel like I want to ignore those things - that's life, it's what makes my life so similar to so many others and I do this to make a connection!

      We are avid readers and every book that we keep (okay I'll admit it that shelf is primarily fantasy/sci fi with some history thrown in) is read over and over again.

  2. I love it! And it is a great example of patiently waiting and finding bargains rather than going into debt.

    1. Thanks Rae - If I remember right you're pretty minimalist so that means a lot!

  3. I love this post. My home is furnished almost entirely with hand me downs, thrift store finds, hand made (by me) items and a few auction finds. I love it, my family loves it, and lately, people who come to my house keep telling me that they find my house so "interesting" because it doesn't look like the same old same old that you can choose from if you are buying new. I choose to believe them and take it as a compliment. And, in the spirit of "making do" my Tuesday posts are labeled "using what I have to make what I need" if you are interested in checking them out.
    Thanks for sharing your space.


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