Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silent Sundays

In the last year I've definitely learned to appreciate quiet; true, peaceful quiet and tonight is one of those few and far between moments when it's achieved.  The boys are upstairs asleep and I'm down in the living room catching up on life as we know it.  There's still a meal plan to be made for this week (luckily tonight was a leftover night!) and groceries and errands to run tomorrow before a dear friend comes to visit.  We had house guests last night as well, so a little peace and quiet is just what this introvert needed.

So far the to do list for the week looks pretty light:

  • Get back on top of Mt. Laundry
  • Send out email & paper invitations for a 1st Birthday/Baptism
  • Read more
  • Crafting
You know what one of the most horrible things I was told when I first got pregnant?  You won't finish a book for five years.  Honestly, that right there triggered the first of many pregnancy panic attacks and one of the reasons I try to be careful not to tell new mommy's in my life that life as you know it ends when you have children.  I'm proud to say that I've finished quite a few books in this first year and still make a point to read at least a couple pages a day of something.

Also I was pleased to discover this week that the little one is now firm enough on his feet and in his play that I can get out the thread and things once again.  Of course, I find that keeping a couple distractions close by helps when his attention wanders back to mommy (scrap paper is easily switched out for my pattern with little fuss!), but I glad to be back to a point where this is possible, for the moment of course.

How was your weekend?  What's in the cards for this week?


  1. My weekend didn't start out so great...but ended way hit with the flu early am Friday morning and "CAME TO" late Saturday morning.
    Ah, the joys of Gramma-hood.
    The Youngest Dd started her new semester on Tues (when she dropped the boys off-she didn't know the oldest was Oma got nurse duty and with it the stomach flu...blech)

    As for this week? much of the same...all 3 littles Mon-Wed...and then just the 1 Thurs and Fri.
    Helping to plan a baby shower for Daughter in love-- she's having a boy! yippee. Need to get invites in the mail by the end of the week. Shower in 4 weeks. (that's enough time right?)
    Have laundry...
    Chickens Coop duty everyday...
    And... since we're already this close to FEB... the retired couple needs to tweak the Budget!

    Hmmm...did you really want to know what my week was looking like, Molly?
    After seeing it... now I'm skeert!
    Oh! and I have a dentist appt on Thursday (that's the scary part)...and the reason for the Budget Tweak!

    Have a great week... hmmm, I'm going to copy and paste my comment now, so I can pin it to the bulletin board in the kitchen!

    Take care, Pat

  2. Oh, I wanted to come back and say...
    Kudos to you for reading and getting it ALL DONE.
    So many young people say-- they can't get it all done. But I think they have selective A.D.D. (don't like the A.D.D. label) ...I say it is just people who have lost the will to concentrate.
    We get done what we set out to get done. Be it reading or painting the bathroom...or well, you know.
    So great job, my friend!


  3. Weekends are my favorite. I love when the five of us are all together! I attempted to tackle Mt. Laundry this weekend too. I'm *almost* there. Finishing up the rest today. Laundry is my weakest domestics point. This year I'm REALLY trying to get in to a laundry groove so I'm not overwhelmed by it.

    I have three littles and I still find time to read. I have read soooo many books in the last six years. Maybe having a baby and being pregnant twice while in college helped me to figure out time for it. I HAD to read in college (you're quite aware of this!). My children have their own hobbies they do while I sew, cook, or read. It is important to me to have the time to do "my hobbies". The children are usually in bed between 7:30-8:00 which allows for lots of reading time in the evenings.


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