Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life as it is

I've been up since about 4:30 a.m.

I worked a full day at the job, plus the 1 hour it takes me to get to and from work on a non-daycare day (tack on 20 minutes for daycare days).

I came home.

We went to the bank.

We went to the grocery store.

We had grandparents stop in for a quick hello.

I made dinner while the boys played.

Ben went off  to what will hopefully be his first practice at a new dojo in years - working on that #1 priority.

Henry and I had some seriously fun playtime even though a part of me wanted quiet and a good book.

I put the baby to bed; it was a complex process tonight.

Ben won't be home for a little while still so I'll put away dinner, do the dishes, pick up the toys and probably crawl into bed and try to get in some of that reading.

Tonight is a lucky night, I get to stay up until 10, 11 if I want to push it because I start at 7 instead of 6 tomorrow.

I'm tired and still kind of sick, but in the middle of a really good book so I'll let you guess what will win out in the end.

There might be a pile of laundry that needs doing.

I'm going to ignore the last sentence I wrote.

I still have thank you's to write and bills to put in the mail and a stack of random junk in my bedroom corner that needs attending.

This won't be happening tonight.

Life is hard, it's messy, it's exhausting.

My life is probably a lot like your life.

Life is good.


  1. And thank goodness for coffee!

  2. Or in my case Dr. Pepper! =D

  3. Books always win over exhaustion! Yep, sounds about like our life. Isn't it nice to be back to normal?

  4. The laundry, the piles of junk, the bills... they'll always be there in one form or another. The quiet moments to indulge in a book, the playtime with the baby, THAT is living fully. You chose wisely. :)


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