Monday, January 2, 2012

The Frugal Challenge

Starting January 6th I will be taking part of the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge.  After a crazy December of buying homes and loosening our pocketbooks to share the holidays we need to buckle down again and get with the program so I'm participating in the 23 Day Frugal Living Challenge:

I will be open with you about our successes and failures for the rest of the month - where we saved a penny and where we blew it.  Hopefully this month will give me the chance to try out and share some of the frugal living bits and bobs I've been wanting to try out for a while!

Though the challenge hasn't started yet I'll share a little frugal-ness going on in my house.  Today I'm off to take two boxes of "stuff" to my favorite consignment shop!  One box is stuff we've set aside from the move and the came out of my closet recently!  (Not too bad considering I might have brought a few things into my closet yesterday... oops)  Everything taken at the shop, when purchased, turns to store credit for me allowing me to purchase things for the house and the family without batting an eye (can we say FREE! because it's a great word).

The shop has a huge 50% off sale in a few weeks - last year I used the same sale to stock up on winter clothes for Henry and plan to do the same this year in preparation for the next.  I already used some store credit and a 20% off sale to get his winter outerwear for next year.  3 coats (in the Midwest you always have extra coats, particularly for children) and a brand new (still has the tags) set of snow pants for FREE.  More on shopping the sale and tips for clothing children on the cheap-side later this month.

How has the New Year fared for everyone else.  Are you sticking to your new goals or priorities?  Or have some resolutions failed in spectacular ways?

Also anyone want some tuna casserole - I still can't remember how to cook for only 2 adults and made enough to feed a small army last night.  Oh well, another week of not eating out for lunch is always a plus!


  1. Hmmm...New goals?
    Molly, I'm a procrastinator at heart... I barely remember what my new goals are for the year...and it's only two days in...ask me next week! Ha.

    Really, saving money and stretching the budget are always on my list of things to do.
    One thing I'm really trying to do in 2012 is to make sure I manage my time better. Being retired 2 years now...and LIFE wrecking havoc the whole time...I've become lax in the way I spend my days!
    Got to change some bad habits there...

    I like the consignment store- store credit exchange...that's a neat thing for families with kiddos. Hope you get some great deals.

    I'll be checking back later on to see how its going!

    take care-

  2. Yep, all is well on my plan for the new year so far. Decluttering is going very well! And I'm even making some cash from it. =)

    Good deal on the consignment shop. I haven't tried that with clothing, but I used to do it a lot with books. I'd trade in books I got for next to nothing for credit at the used book store and get nearly free (you had to pay 10% in cash) books I actually wanted out of the deal. Now I'm just mostly donating them since I don't want new ones comingin. =)


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