Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frugal Challenge and Real Life

One day I'll get this blog on schedule thing down.  But Monday saw a little boy who was very content to play and have lots of cuddles while his mommy watched the Masterpiece Theatre version of Jane Eyre and that seemed like the best way to spend the day.  We're almost on the mend from this post- Christmas cold thank goodness - Saturday saw both of us in the QuickCare for a potential ear infection (nope!) and a prescription for cough syrup with codeine for mommy!  Anyone know any great "natural remedy" books?

I've got posts on Meal Plans and Small House Living in the works which I'll hopefully get more time to work on after bedtime while Daddy is at Kumdo (so proud of the hubby - 2 weeks into the New Year and going strong!), but for now don't miss today's "Frugal Challenge" post over at Frugal Sustainability; Andrea has compiled a great list on how to save money without scrimping on the quality of your food - one of the best lists I've seen that doesn't assume you're sitting on a small gold mine already!

Feel free to leave a comment to let me know you stopped by -Anyone else have any frugal or simple living goals they've been working on this year?  How are those priorities coming along?  Seen any good movies lately?


  1. I hope you are all feeling at your best soon! Most of my natural remedy information just comes from looking up the illnesses as they come along and finding the herbs/natural procedures to go along with them. I know one of our best cold fighters around here are hot toddies - preferably with fresh lemons and local honey.

  2. I had something typed out here... and when I came back through and closed you tab... I forgot about your word verify...!

    So lets see... I haven't officially written anything down in the way of *frugal living trying to *simplify; but off the top of my head- I'm really trying to get rid of EXTRA STUFF!
    Just having it is time consuming.
    It takes longer to find things, it takes longer to clean up, it takes up space that could be utilized for other things... and on and on.

    So-- that is one thing I'm focusing on this year.

    Take care have a great week!

    Oh yes-- and I'm am glad you're on the mend and you a getting over the cold. (you as in both) It is no fun having a sick baby, especially when your sick too. yuk!

  3. My favorite "natural" remedy is a splash (like a tablespoon or so) of blackberry brandy warmed in the microwave. For me it clears my head and puts me to sleep --better than Nyquil! My dad takes a tablespoon of honey every morning and swears it helps keep him healthy.

  4. Good to hear you are feeling better and looking forward to following your posts over the coming weeks. My simple living goal for this year is to clear the clutter and and create a peaceful home - it's a big challenge, but if I can make it, it will be really worth it.



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