Monday, December 19, 2011

Settling In and Waiting For Snow

The Real Life "Make Do Library" on our "hand-me-down" hutch and dollar store decorations

Simple Spaces -
Decorations are a combinations of thrift store, hand me downs and repurposed items
A little dose of reality at the top of the stairs

We're doing good here and starting to get a good rhythm.

Ready to settle into the holidays and winter, though both seem a little distant this year.

Update - looks like "winter" is speeding up and heading right towards us now... batten down those hatches folks


  1. We had a little snow yesterday, but it's gone now... I'm ok with a "little". ;) Your hutch looks great! Lots of compartments!

  2. No snow here in Ohio just loads of rain ! I see you guys like The Hobbit ! did you hear that the movie "The Hobbit" (a new one )directed by Peter Jackson is coming out in December...NEXT December. but you can google it and see the trailer for it already. look s good.


  3. We have seen the new "The Hobbit" trailer and we're SO excited. It was a favorite of mine growing up (that book is well loved!) and some of my favorite actors are in the new movie! Thanks for stopping by KAT!


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