Monday, December 26, 2011

Pajama Day

Today is officially pajama day.

We had a very Merry Christmas and hope you did too.  This mama was up each morning at 5 a.m. and celebrating Saturday and Sunday well into the night.  Today we're taking it easy and declaring it pajama day.

Overall I think we pulled off a very successful simple Christmas and stuck to our guidelines - we even turned the necessity box into "socks and underwear" stuffed in the bottom of the stockings. Henry made out, but really reasonably as the relatives didn't go too over board with the presents - we have some toys, some books, a couple family movies and a Henry sized chair (which was thrifted too!).

I, myself, can't decide on my favorite - my new knife block set from my hubby or my "Gehring Complete Encyclopedia of Country Living" from my folks!

Over all setting the 3 gift limit really helped control the gifting and under the tree looked plenty full with our 3 gifts each and the presents for grandparents and other family.  I'm definitely going to stick to it next year!

Well now to work through all the food we have left over, watch some movies and do lots of cuddling.

What was your favorite Christmas present or tradition from this year?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Ours was very nice as well, with the grandparents keeping the presents in check too. Our kids got a decent amount, but they weren't as overwhelmed as they were last year. And I got a dutch oven and a non-electric food mill! Yay! :)

  2. Those both sound fantastic! I wish I could have been home a bit more for the weekend, but overall it was great - I'll do my share of holidays while the kids are young and hopefully rack up some pity points in the coming years and get some time off when they're old enough to remember!

  3. We, too, had a pared down Christmas this year and it was amazing! I plan to continue this trend for years to come. The best part was how excited my kids got about the "giving" aspect of the holidays.

  4. Love pajama days!! :) This year was definitely "simpler" as well, but next year is going to be even simpler I hope! I'm glad you had a great Christmas!! :)

    Ps - I'm updating my blogroll.. :)

  5. Just realized I already updated.. lol! When I click on your name though, it brings me to your old blog. You may want to change your profile so readers arrive here instead... ;)

  6. Carla I loved that you really stuck to the 4 present rule - it looks like no one was disappointed! This was one of the best Christmas "hauls" I've gotten - everything was useful and wanted and/or needed and I didn't feel like we were filling up on too much useless "stuff".

    p.s. I tested my link on your page it seemed fine, I'll double check the one on my profile though!

  7. cute blog! with a baby only 11 weeks old, just about every day is pajama day these days ;o) my favorite Christmas present this year was seeing my parents enjoy my new little boy. His grandpa got to meet him for the first time! So sweet to watch...


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