Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Christmas for the Littles!

Trying to figure out those last few gifts, but out of ideas, time or money?  Here's a few ideas that many of us could put together from odds and ends in the house -

For a  few links and Pins of these ideas GO HERE
  • Fort Kit - An old sheet or two, some clothes pins, a little rope or bungee chords and a flashlight
  • Indoor "Sandbox" - a plastic tub filled with rice, dried beans or something similar with the lid for easy storage.  Go ahead and throw some of your kids toy trucks or set up some dolls inside and let the wonder how Santa did that!
  • An EyeSpy Jar - Clear container filled with rice and all those little bits and pieces you've collected over the years.  We have a little plastic jam jar filled with rice and big buttons that's a huge hit with the under 1 year old crowd.
  • Dress up on a Stick - Search the web or go to my Pinterest Board to find a collection of easy printables that can be glued to chopsticks or other craft sticks for hours of fun and lots of silly photos!  And speaking of Printables how about ....
  • Free Printable Coloring and Activity Books! (Search for Coloring Pages on Pinterest for even more!)
  • Free Printable Flashcards - some many to choose from! (again search Pinterest for more!)
  • Homemade Playdough - there are hundreds of recipes out there and most can be made from your leftover cookie ingredients!
  • Indoor Racetrack - For the train around the Christmas tree ... treat those Cars fanatics in your house to their very own taped out race track all over the living room you only need some masking tape!
If you're feeling a little crafty and need a reason to de-stash how about:
  • A Scrap Bin Matching Game - use all those little odds and ends to make a fabric matching game for inquisitive little minds
  • A Scrappy Monster Toy or Doll - same principle, use what you have to make something really special for your littles
  • Homemade Puzzle Magnets - Extra scrapbook paper or even left over wrapping paper can be a perfect activity for the fridge!  Cut more complex shapes for older children!  Use a map and teach your child geography on the sly!
  • Felt Quiet Books - Perfect for to keep those little fingers busy without batteries or even Velcro!
There are so many great things you can find to make great gifts around your house!  I can't wait to do more of these next year once my "Little" stops trying to eat everything! 
Have you done anything fun and homemade for the holidays?  Please share your projects with us!
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