Monday, December 5, 2011


In just a few short days we've

... made SO many trips back and forth.

... spent alot of green baby proofing, getting those little things and restocking my pantry.  (Oh, but felt so good to restock MY pantry)

... cuddled a little boy who's had the sniffles and cough all through the moving weekend.

... cooked meals and shared them with family and friends in and from our kitchen.

... set up the Christmas Tree and our decorations.

... made quite a bit of progress so far, that is if you don't count the downstairs catch-all room.

... listened to a lot of Christmas music (Henry loves "Run Run Rudolf" ala Sister Hazel and "Why Can't It Be Christmas Time All Year" by Rosie Thomas).

... cried some happy, thankful "I don't deserve this" tears.

... had my heart grow three sizes watching my son play in HIS room.

... been discovering all the little wonders and joys that accompany this big change.

Be back soon, I promise.


  1. How exciting!!! I can't wait to see photos. The first few weeks are hectic. I think I rearranged my kitchen twice before I finally figured out where things should 'live'.

  2. I rearrange about every 6 months anyways... but for 3 days in we're doing pretty well except for about 7 boxes of "miscellaneous" in the basement which we'll get to probably around this summer.

  3. Molly~
    Sounds wonderful. Just like Home.

    my heart was touched at the heart growing 3 sizes and the boy playing in HIS room... I think my heart grew a bit too!
    So sweet.

    Welcome Home to you and your family.


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