Friday, December 30, 2011

Focus and Priorities

How do you start a new year?  Champagne and a tall, dark and handsome someone or curled up in bed by 9 p.m.?  I'll tell you one thing, because I'm obviously a ball of energy covered in glitter and lipstick... I'm definitely the latter.

The New Year is approaching, and while I've been trying to come up with an amazing post recapping the year or setting new goals and resolutions nothing seemed right.  I have goals for the new year, but something about 2012 was saying that it wasn't about goals.  This new year was about something bigger.

So instead of setting goals for myself, I'm challenging myself to reconsider my priorities; to live a little more outside of myself for the year.

  1. Husband
  2. Son
  3. Home
  4. Spirit
  5. Community
These are my priorities for the year.  

My dear husband has sacrificed a lot for me and now it's time to give back, focus on him and get him back on track.

My son, of course, is a incredibly close second and I resolve to focus more on his needs and development while trying to find a good balance between his fulfilled needs and my need for sleep. ;) 

My home is a long reaching priority.  I want to find the balance and joy of a well run home.  I want it to be a welcoming place for others and I want to extend its welcome to those that have not yet crossed its threshold.

My spirit is a priority because I believe tending one's inner self is just as important as the foods we eat and the things we drink.  I have come a long way in my spiritual journey since marrying my husband almost four years ago, finding myself in a place I never thought I would end up that gives me comfort and challenges me as well.  I hope to continue my own development and find ways to nurture that growth in my home as well.

My community is a combination priority.  I want to reach out and be an active member of the place where I live and take pride in what we have and give back to those who need it.

So for this coming year I am giving myself a focus.  A small something in which to focus my personal goals and decisions for the year so that they keep in line with my priorities as best they can.

For 2012 my focus will be "Family",  I will challenge myself to consider family in my life more whether it be my nuclear or extended family, my friends and extended community or my religious family.  With this I hope to step out of my own little bubble, grasp at the bigger picture of the world and see where it takes me.

If you were to set priorities instead of resolutions for 2012 what would be your Top 5?
If you were to set a focus for the year what would it be?


  1. What a wonderful take on resolutions. I really like it!

  2. Excellent! Having your priorities straight will adjust how you do everything. =)

  3. Love this post! You sound like you have your priorities in order! If everyone vowed to do this the world would be a great place.

  4. Hmmm... well, to answer you question- I think my top 5 priorities for 2012 would be~

    1. God and His Word (2 I know...but I can't know Him without His Word)
    2. Self- Examination-- (matters of my heart and a new skill)
    3. The Husband (marriage)
    4. The Home-- (being retired--we're here most of days; there is plenty to be done)
    5. The Family-- (being there for my daughters and Grandchildren; being supportive of my sons)

    Focus for the year: *Attitude. I'm not sure what that means for me really at this moment. But I keep coming back to that--everytime I've thought about the new year. * Attitude.

    Thanks for posing this question. It has made things a little sharper...(focus)

    Happy New Year Molly!


  5. CCP - What a great list! If I had done this a couple years ago "attitude" would have been one of my words!

    Ballysharon - Here's to trying! I'll probably fail in a few spectacular ways - like forgetting today was Sunday and missing the perfect opportunity to go to Mass... oops.

    Wandering & Karen - Welcome and thanks for the encouragement!


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