Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Here!

Hey folks, we're still here.  Plugging away at the finishing touches for closing in less than two weeks - we're just waiting for some missing W-2's to arrive in the mail; the inspections and all went well!.  It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks so pardon me if we're a little quiet - I'm still following my blog roll when I have a free moment and trying to get in a few quick words on the big thoughts and big announcements that are all around.

When I started this blog this spring I thought we had many more months, if not another year of making do in these shared quarters and oh how life has surprised us.  However, just because we've achieved a few goals doesn't mean we'll be throwing caution to the wind along with our credit card statements and credit scores; in fact now that we'll be completely on our own once again it's time to dig out and dust off a lot of the skills and things from the past.  I look forward to using this big change for us to be able to provide more real life examples of making do in the modern world.

A few posts (and perhaps a series) in the works once the ball gets rolling include:

  • Simply, and affordably furnishing a home

  • Decorating and celebrating meaningful holidays and other life celebrations

  • Clothing care - homemade detergents, knowledgeable laundry care, etc.

  • Groceries lists, pantry stocking and meal plans

  • Reskilling - gardening, sewing, crafts, etc.

  • Homemade products for the home

  • And more on living simply and saying "No" to more!


  1. Hope things settle down for you soon! Must be exciting at the same time though!! :) Looking forward to more posts when you find time to breathe again! ;)

  2. How exciting to be moving to a new home! And I love the upcoming list of posts!


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