Sunday, October 9, 2011

{Right Now}

Right now, I am...

:: enjoying the feeling of balance and stability.

:: feeling nervous and a little anxious.

:: wanting to find my camera card.

:: enjoying 8 month old little boys who give my life meaning.

:: holding him close, because he's no longer looking like my little baby.

:: thinking of the hope of more little boys, paint chips, faith and snow.

:: grateful for amazing family and friends.

:: anticipating new schedules.

:: wishing for more hours in the day.

:: wondering just how much knitting I can  do until my fingers fall off

:: hoping to share more projects again, as soon as I find the time... and my camera card.


  1. Lovely post! BTW, don't look for your camera card, I have all 3 in my wallet! Ooops! Love, mom.

  2. Well that explains one mystery! =D


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