Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ducked outside for a moment just a few minutes ago and found this...

What the h- okay I won't disgrace myself by sharing the colloquialisms that came out of my mouth in rapid fire succession.

I did quickly find the culprit, who looked something like this...

(not the real "you know what", as I wasn't going to give him another second to munch at my hard work while I got my camera)

That is before I chucked him into the yard where he will hopefully fill the belly of an obliging bird.

I have to say I got pretty good distance and it was more than satisfying seeing his smug little green body sailing through the air.

There seems to be damage one of my other tomato plants, but I couldn't find anything.  However I'll be back tomorrow morning with - as Mad Eye Moody says - constant vigilance!

We've survived the great strawberry slaughter of 2011 and the powdery mildew epidemic... we'll get through this!

p.s. that's not photographic ambiance or my inability to focus - it's so darn humid out I couldn't keep the lens from fogging over for more than a few seconds!

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny! Thank goodness the very hungry caterpillar is out of sight!


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