Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Molly Makes {Baby Sweaters}

One of the best things about getting ready for Henry last winter was planning things that I would make for him, and though he'd only get cold months at the beginning and end of his first year I still had plans!  Here are the two sweaters I made for him for his first couple of months, I have a third sweater I made for him for this fall so that will have to wait until he fits in it.  They were both made from yarn I already had, leftovers from past projects.

The first was his "Grandpa Sweater" - pattern HERE -

This is him in it at about 3 weeks old (note the rolled up sleeves).

And this is him in it last week (note the now short sleeves).

Wooden buttons were a gift from his Grandma.  I plan on removing them and putting them on a bigger version of this I'll make this fall.

And his Kimono sweater - pattern HERE -

Button from a jar of buttons I got as a gift years ago.

I like the Kimono pattern, but love the Grandpa Sweater.  I have plans on making Henry a new one for this winter, along with one for his 2 boy cousins, one who will be almost 2 and one who will be arriving in September.  I think I'm going to go for a solid grey, red or brown this time around.


  1. I lovelovelove the Grandpa sweater on him! I made the same one for friends when they had a baby and it now hangs in their son's bedroom (he is almost 2 now). I knit like crazy when I was pregnant with my daughter, and she is now almost a year and has outgrown everything, so I am scouring Ravelry for patterns once again.

  2. If you're looking on Ravelry (I'm ASolidSecond) I'd suggest the "Child's Neck-Plackett Pullover" I made this too for when Henry's a little older. On my list for him or his cousins are "Strawberry Hill", "A Cardigan for Merry" and maybe "Robottitanssi" along with bigger sizes of the ones I've already made!

  3. Thanks! The Robot sweater is adorable--I think my daughter may need one in purple with yellow robots, but maybe not until preschool :) She actually has a child's neck placket pullover made for her by Michele Wang (a fav Ravelry designer of mine!), but she has grown out of it, of course, so maybe it is time for a newer, bigger version.

  4. I'm glad to know that, if I have a daughter, I won't be the only mother to give her robot theme-ed clothing and toys. P.s. I'm totally jealous you're daughter has something made by such a talented knitter - I really need to expand my collection of knitting blogs!


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