Monday, May 16, 2011


3 years ago today I married my college sweetheart.  It was awesome.  There was Foosball and everything.  We cut the reception short so we could go see our favorite Irish Pub Band who was performing that night.

Last year, two weeks after my 2nd anniversary I got a belated anniversary gift.

It's currently squirming around on the bed next to me, cuddling a blanket and a (clean) cloth diaper and kicking me.

You can't top it as the best present ever,

but this year I'd be happy with a card...

and some Double Stuffed Oreos.

Here's to many more "belated" anniversaries and Double Stuffed Oreo anniversaries.

See I told you there was Foosball.


  1. Your wedding dress is phenomenal. I love it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thank you! I made my bolero out of a wrap the dress came with!


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