Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why We Make Do

Though this is a topic that is the premise of the blog  I will provide a little exposition (keeping in mind the words of Urinetown: The Musical's Little Sally "Nothing ruins a show like too much exposition!") on the why's and how's of my life.

To paraphrase the Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper I'll answer the why part quickly.

Money thou art a heartless b*tch.

In the years following college I have seen to many friends dig into deep pits of debt where their money woes will claw away at them for years to come and frankly Scarlet, I don't want that life.  Not for me, not for my husband and especially not for my son.

I realized quickly that the line between needs and wants in this country is fine and interchangeable to most people and I want to draw that line thicker.

It's not always easy to adhere to this principle.  The culture I'm surrounded by expects a lot.  Fancy education, fancy jobs, fancy house, etc. all by the age of "fill in the blank" and it's this idea that gets a lot of people in a lot of trouble.  It is hard to explain some of our choices and yes, sometimes the jealousy bugs bites hard.  However, I try to look at the future I'm working to create and I remember that it's worth it.

One day I will have more of the things I want - a house, nice things, vacations, maybe more.  But I'm not going to sacrifice caring for my families needs - our nourishment, our health, our general well-being in order to attain these things.

If it's not to cheesy of a saying I'll say that "I make-do today for a better tomorrow".

And as for the "How" part of this equation... there's plenty to share.

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