Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Make Do Life

So that doesn't sound like too bad of a life, all nice in a list like that, so why you might ask must I "Make Do"?

Here's the low-down, the haps, the 411 -

After college my hubby and I spent about 5 years traveling around living the good life - as in almost broke starving artist.  We had finally settled down when I got a job in Oregon with an amazing theatre company when we started feeling homesick.  Oregon to Iowa isn't a short jaunt down the road.  After a year of enjoying life out there we found out that our family was expanding - that homesick feeling in our stomachs, combined with a constant queasy feeling in my belly and hormones spiraling out of control meant it was time to head back east.

So that's what we did.  We had a month to pack up and move out.  Let me say I do not recommend quitting jobs, moving cross-country and generally sending your life into upheaval when you're 4 months pregnant.  The time from September until Henry's arrival in February was perhaps the most trying of my life for many reasons.  We were staying with family, Ben switched jobs after a month back home, I was working retail during the holiday season while waiting for something better to come along -  in general a lot to worry about and boy did I.  But that's water under the bridge now.

Fast-forward to after Henry's arrival, I'll save you the labor story for another time.  Where are we now?

We are both employed with good, stable but rather unexciting jobs and any money related worries are slipping away.

We are a couple of payments away from being debt-free, except for those pesky student loans.

We are still staying with my parents as we start to plan and prepare for our future reasonably and responsibly.

We are focusing on living good simple lives and trying not to heed the calls of the culture that has bankrupted the lives of many of our friends.

And in order to do this we make do.


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